About the Artist
Valerie Munch's interest in art deepened while attaining her Teaching Certificate at the University of Saskatchewan. Her first works included studies in charcoal and oils. Over the years, watercolour has become her favorite medium. A fascination with "light" has resulted in a wide variety of subjects - from prairie landscapes and Saskatoon landmarks to fields of wild flowers and still-lifes in Saskatchewan, Arizona, and English country gardens.

Valerie is a member of the "Artists Workshop" that is a group of artists seeking to share space and experience. Working with school children and exhibitions at nursing homes keeps the group connected to the community.

Valerie's work can be found in private and corporate collections and are available for purchase by contacting the artist directly or at the Collector's Choice Art Gallery in Saskatoon.

Solo Shows Group Shows
Braithwaite & James 1995-1998Sunflower 1995-1997
Gallery on the Pacific 94-95Saskatchewan Reflections 95
Gallery on the Roof 93Art in the Park 94-96
Gallery on the Lake 96-03Sundog 92-03
Pacific Gallery 97.98,00,02Bazaart 90-03
Boys & Girl's Club 89-03
Artist's Workshop Shows:
St. Paul's Auction 1994-2001
Garden Scape 1997
Parkridge Center
Garden Gallery 2000-2002
Francis Morrison Library
Dean Godfrey Gallery
Circle Center Gallery
Grace Westminster Spring Show
Rosthern Station Gallery
S.G.I. Calendar 1997,2001
Premier's Convention 1998
CHEP Christmas Cards 2000,2003
Star Phoenix Christmas Scene 1997,2000
Diefenbaker Canada Center